Room availability
System updates, changes & bug fixes
Date Details

Refinements to GBP signs and hyphens in the Room Modify and My Details pages.


Bug fix on the multi-room updater - made the year dropdown dynamically update with the next 3 years.


Refinement to Hide Rooms button - making it a link rather than a clickable cell

On the reports - rpt and rptFrame, made the brackets around room type only show when there is a room type - prevents " ()" after room names if there's no type.

Added a span around the Room title on rpt and rptFrame so it can be altered by css.


Made the css customising affect the linked report as well as the embedded report.

Made the css customising able to affect the "Price pppn" column - so the text can be changed.


Updated screenshots and added a new page to the tour.


Added a password strength meter to the password reset facility and the signup form.


Refinements to the iFrame and full web page reports - removing the underline from the room names and changing their font colour on mouse hover. There were too many lines with the underlines and the table borders - the drawback is that on a touch screen, it's not so obvious their tapable to show the room info.

Increased the font size of the iFrame and web page reports slightly. This meant resizing all 6 of the table cell background images.

On the web page report - right justified the room prices. (This was already done on the iFrame report).

Added Hide Rooms button to the iFrame and web page reports. This helps when viewing the reports on narrow screens.

Removed the gap between the bottom of the report and the horizontal scrollbar on both the iFrame and web page reports.


Refinements to the iFrame report css - setting a minimum width on the key table cells so they don't crush up and grouping controls so they slide under each other a bit nicer when the screen width is reduced (when the iFrame report isn't within a fixed width frame)


Updated the mini report to allow css customising on the paid account.


Updated the mini report to show reserved dates - rather than booked for both booked and reserved.


Some refinements to the layout and css - reducing the width of the page slightly and adding padding.


Upgraded the iFrame report code - removing all inline styles, replacing with using css classes.

iFrame embedded report and report page - changed the label "Dates last updated..." to "Last updated..." - to make it narrower and remove the doubling up of the word "date".

Added css customising on the paid account.


Drew and uploaded and new favicon.


Re-coded the report and frame report - tidying the code and improving the load time.


Upgrading the logging in security.


The bug fix yesterday didn't work - duplicates were still getting in. Removed the timer check on save dates and instead made the report run even if there are duplicates - adding distinct to the 2 subqueries. Updated in each of the different report types.

Small enhancement to the calendar javascript - made the bulk select tool select the am and pm of a single day to block out a single day without the diagonals.


Bug fix - prevented double clicking the save button when saving booked dates which was double inputting the booked dates resulting in an error in the report.


Added some HTML & CSS to the report mini embedding instructions for the calendar key.


Added thin border to text inputs and textareas - a change to Chrome made them look ugly.

Changed some of the icons to ones I drew myself.

Added some spacing around the room modify icons.

Added instruction on how to embed the single room, mini report onto your site.


On the renew page, change the "Continue using free version" button to an image and added an "Are you sure?" confirmation to the upgrade button - in-case it's clicked by accident.


Improved the logging in script - making it more secure.


If logged in, hide the login form on the home page.

Tidied the layout of the booking requests page.

New member signup - added the sending of a welcome email - asking for feedback.

Archived 2011 booked dates.


Report - key - increased font size.

Report - coloured report cells - refined font size to refine the cell size to refine the positioning of the diagonal images in the cell. Looks almost perfect on all browsers now apart from FF - can't seem to make it look perfect on there...


Paid account - multi-room updater - added "Delete" option to the dropdown so dates can be bulk deleted across multiple rooms.


Added "Keep Me Signed In".


On the availability report, highlighted today - the current date - in bold and blue


On the calendar where you mark dates as booked/reserved, sorted the dropdown of room names in alphabetical order.


Report - 4 images with diagonal colours showing AM/PM booked and reserved - changed the white to transparent - so the report can work with the iFrame background colour changed to a colour other than white - to colour-code the report into the clients site.

Embedded iFrame report - minor change to border colours around room name and price columns - making them transparent rather than white - again so they don't show up if the iFrame background has been coloured.


New home page and sign up page design


Reduced the height of the green header slightly. I was looking at the report on an iPhone and after each time I clicked "Check Availability" I had to scroll down past the green to see the report.

On the report - when you click a room name to view it's photos and description - made the photos vertical-align to top so a landscape next to a portrait looks better than centre aligned. Also refined the width and margins of this pop-up - making it look more symmetrical.


Started work on creating a limited free version of the system


Update to the calendar - selecting booked dates - now one click on pm auto selects the am for the next day - and vice versa.


Added multi-room updater. One or more rooms can be selected and dates marked as booked or reserved across all at the same time. Saves having to update the same dates across multiple rooms one room at a time.

Multiple photos can now be uploaded for each room. Previously only one photo could be added. They're now given a set size and when clicked, the full size photo is shown in a new window.


Redesigned the layout of the large green header bar - it should look the same, but the html & css has changed - so it should work now in IE6, but mainly so it's easier to add new menu items.

As part of adding the booking system module, added under the nav menu the number of pending bookings - only shown if bookings is enabled.


Bug fix - on the report, if the user gives the url of the link to a friends guesthouse as, without the http://, it makes the url - which isn't right - so now if the users given url begins with www, http:// is added to the front of it.


Bug fix - on the calendar when bulk selecting if you began the date range from an AM, it would not select the PM for that day. Also, if the end date ended on a PM it would not select the AM for that end date.
Is now fixed - so the selected range starts and ends on whichever date (AM or PM) is selected, and fully selects everything in-between.


Changed the navigation - splitting the home page into a more basic home page and a new myDetails page - these were previously combined - so adding things to the home page was complicated.


Added a dropdown to the full year calendar page to allow you to jump from one room to the next, without going back to the room list page.


Created a report page which can be embedded in a page on the clients website - using an iframe - to allow clients to embed the availability report in their site - rather than linking to the external RoomCalendar site.


On the public report, made the last updated date say "Yesterday" or "Today" rather than just always showing the date.


Major upgrade to split the days on the calendar - so AM & PM can be separately booked on a day. Meant changing the calendar, the table & the public report. If someone checked out a room today, then someone else checked into the same room tomorrow, the report wasn't showing the free night - is now fixed.


Added room prices.
Per person per night prices ranges can now be added to rooms, and are shown on the public report.


Added new booking type of Reserved.
States in the public report if Reserved, to call to check availability.
The reason - if for example the guesthouse owner wants to take a holiday, they can mark this time as reserved. If someone wants to book in this time they can call - and the guesthouse owner can may change their plans in order to take the booking.


Added guesthouse phone number to the availability report.


Added a password reset facility - to allow signed up members to reset their own passwords.


Enabled dragging/moving of the room description popups on the report. Added in-case their initial default position covered the room name and/or the booked dates of that rooms row.


Changed the way block booking dates is done from holding Ctrl while moving the cursor over the dates to clicking a button then the start and end dates - and all dates in-between being selected. Reason being it's better and works nicely on an iPhone & iPad.


Added new feature - link to nearby friends accomodation


Tidied the layout of the modify room interface

Feb 2011

Room Calendar goes live